TIE Fighter tactics for Star Wars: Battlefront II

Some background on the Tie Fighter
The TIE Fighter is manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems. The TIE/LN's engine is one of the most precisely manufactured propulsion systems in the galaxy and, with no moving parts, it's also low-maintenance. The lack of combat shields, hyperdrive, and life-support systems,together with the advanced engine design, reduces the mass of the fighter and conferres exceptional speed and maneuverability. This also makes them both inexpensive and quick to replace. Primary armament is a pair of L-s1 laser cannons, coupled with a powerful sensor suite.

Tie Fighter Battlefront II

Due to the lack of life-support systems, each TIE pilot has a fully sealed flight suit superior to their Rebel counterparts. The absence of a hyperdrive and even a landing gear also renderes the fighter totally dependent on carrier ships when deployed in enemy systems. Contrary to popular belief, the ships do posses ejection seats, but pilots rather crash their craft down to a swift end rather than ejecting and risking slow death by heat loss and oxygen starvation in the vacuum of space.

In Battlefront II, the TIE/LN Fighter has three abilities to use:
◾ Afterburner: Gives the ship an instant speed boost beyond its maximum speed for a long time. The speed boost can be cancelled by the player after a short time.
◾ Laser Barrage: Charges up a rapid fire burst of shots which deal high damage.
◾ Proton Torpedo: Fires a missile that tracks the locked target and deals high damage.

TIE Fighter tactics and tricks
Let let us first compare the fighter to it's brothers: the bomber and the interceptor.

The TIE bomber has more health, is better at evading missiles and deals a lot more damage. The fighter is only faster.

The TIE interceptor is faster, has the same health and can deal more damage to other fighters thanks to stronger laser cannons and faster concussion missiles.

Wanna play the objective? Go bomber. Wanna shoot fighters? Go interceptor.

So you chose to fly a TIE fighter cause you wanna do both? Well, good luck out there. This piece of shit is so fragile you'll be dead in no time, so we'll just try to deal as much damage as possible in the short lifespan we have.

As you spawn, stay close to your team and if possible, behind them. Let those interceptors and bombers handle the first encounter missile locks, cause they are way better at evading those bitches.

As soon as you get within range and have a clear shot on a rebel, hit Laser Barrage and blow them to hell. Just after that you can get a lock on a capital ship and fire your torpedo.

By now, you will have attracted the attention of some A-wing fighters and you can mentally prepare yourself for respawning because:
- You cannot outrun those bastards, afterburner is useless
- Those concussion missiles are a pain in the ass
- Unlike an X-wing, you don't have R2 to fix you up

So it's pew-pew and bye bye TIE Fighter