Apes don't ask questions

While apes can learn sign language and communicate using it, they have never attempted to learn new knowledge by asking a question. They don't realize that humans or other apes can know things they don't. It's a concept that separates mankind from apes.

TIE Interceptor tactics for Star Wars: Battlefront II

Some background on the Tie Interceptor
The TIE/IN starfighter, simply known as TIE Interceptor is identifiable by its arrow-shaped solar collection panels, a distinct difference from the hexagonal solar arrays of its brother, the TIE Fighter. The Interceptor is one of the fastest starfighters in the galaxy, rivaling the Alliance's RZ-1 A-wing interceptor.

Tie Interceptor Battlefront II

TIE Fighter tactics for Star Wars: Battlefront II

Some background on the Tie Fighter
The TIE Fighter is manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems. The TIE/LN's engine is one of the most precisely manufactured propulsion systems in the galaxy and, with no moving parts, it's also low-maintenance. The lack of combat shields, hyperdrive, and life-support systems,together with the advanced engine design, reduces the mass of the fighter and conferres exceptional speed and maneuverability. This also makes them both inexpensive and quick to replace. Primary armament is a pair of L-s1 laser cannons, coupled with a powerful sensor suite.

Tie Fighter Battlefront II

TIE Bomber tactics for Star Wars: Battlefront II

Some background on the Tie Bomber
The TIE/sa bomber is designed by Sienar Fleet Systems for use in the military of the Galactic Empire. As a light bomber, it's part of the TIE line of starfighters, distinguished by their twin ion engines and solar collector panels. The bomber measures 7.9 meters long, 10.6 meters wide, and 5.4 meters high and has a bluish gray paintscheme.

Tie Bomber Battlefront II

Follow the Chianti wine route trough Tuscany

In this article we follow the Chianti Wine Route or Chiantigiana (SR 222) throughout one of Italy's most beautiful and charming regions. The road swings through the Tuscan hills of the Chianti Classico wine region along thousands of hectares of vineyards, all of which produce the Chianti Classico DOCG (the highest classification for Chianti). We leave in Florence and drive along the many picturesque villages to Siena.

Discover the Alsace wine route

The Alsace wine route or route des vins d'Alsace twist through the valleys near the Franco-German border. Although the route itself is not that long, there is much to experience and taste in the many picturesque towns and villages we will pass. This route is ideal for gourmet excursions.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie locations

Just like we did location hunting in our Star wars Tunisia special, this article will focus on the saga's last installment: The Last Jedi. The exotic planets that come to life in theatres are based on real life locations. Most of the movie was shot in Pinewoord Studio's near London, but many outdoor scenes are filmed on location. Here is an overview.

Hint: Open a new tab showing Google Maps next to this page. Copy/paste the given Lat/Long coordinates in Google map's searchbox to see the Star Wars locations on a map.

star wars: the last jedi

Skellig Michael, Ireland as Ahch-To
Lat/Long coordinates 51.771550, -10.542210