Discover the Alsace wine route

The Alsace wine route or route des vins d'Alsace twist through the valleys near the Franco-German border. Although the route itself is not that long, there is much to experience and taste in the many picturesque towns and villages we will pass. This route is ideal for gourmet excursions.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie locations

Just like we did location hunting in our Star wars Tunisia special, this article will focus on the saga's last installment: The Last Jedi. The exotic planets that come to life in theatres are based on real life locations. Most of the movie was shot in Pinewoord Studio's near London, but many outdoor scenes are filmed on location. Here is an overview.

Hint: Open a new tab showing Google Maps next to this page. Copy/paste the given Lat/Long coordinates in Google map's searchbox to see the Star Wars locations on a map.

star wars: the last jedi

Skellig Michael, Ireland as Ahch-To
Lat/Long coordinates 51.771550, -10.542210

Why koalas are the world’s dumbest animals

A Koala might look like an adorable cute litte teddy bear, in reality it is one of the dumbest species, one that has never heard of survival of the fittest. In fact it’s almost a miracle they are not already extinct today. Here is why:


Brain size

Gruesome medieval torture and execution methods

When it comes to inflicting pain to other people, the human mind is surprisingly inventive. Throughout history several execution methods were invented with only one purpose: to let a victim suffer as much pain as possible before he died. This article will give an overview how different regions and cultures handled dead penalties in the middle ages (not for people with a weak stomach). These any many other torture devices and techniques can be seen at the Medieval torture museum in Amsterdam.

torture chamber
Torture Chamber at the Castello di Amorosa, Italy

7 museum ships with a great story

Vasa, the ship that sank

The Vasa is a Swedish warship built in the early 17th century. The ship sank after sailing about 1,300 meters (1,400 yd) into her maiden voyage on 10 August 1628. Vasa was built top-heavy and had insufficient ballast. Despite an obvious lack of stability in port, she was allowed to set sail. After a few minutes she encountered a wind stronger than a breeze and started to heel to port, pushing the open lower gun ports under water, causing water to rush in on the lower gun deck. The gun ports were open because it was intended to give a cannon salute to the crowd and many VIP’s who were in the harbor to see the maiden voyage of Sweden’s biggest warship. The inflow of water heeled Vasa over further, and she quickly sank.


10 ultieme James Bond locaties

In dit artikel bezoeken we 10 locaties die door de jaren heen werden bezocht door de James Bond franchise. Deze lijst wil tonen wat de impact kan zijn van de enorme aandacht die de Bondfilms met zich meebrengen. Al deze locaties waren vrijwel onbekend bij het grote publiek tot agent 007 er passeerde, nu trekken ze jaarlijks duizenden toeristen van over de hele wereld.

10 iconic James Bond locations

In this article we are visiting 10 locations that were featured in the James Bond movies. The purpose of this list is to show how a previous rather unknown location or landmark can be made famous instantly thanks to the Bond franchise. Today, they all receive a lot of tourists, but without 007 they still would be relative unknown to the public.

james bond

De Amalfikust: een road trip om nooit te vergeten

De Amalfikust, gelegen op de zuidelijke flanken van het schiereiland van Sorrento bij Napels, is één van de mooiste kustgebieden in Italië. Een landschap waar kliffen uit de zee oprijzen, en waar middeleeuwse dorpjes op terrassen in de heuvels zijn ingebouwd is wat je mag verwachten. Het is dan ook niet verwonderlijk dat de Unesco besliste om dit unieke landschap toe te voegen aan de werelderfgoedlijst in 1996. De Amalfi kustweg, die we volgen, is een smalle baan die over de hoge klippen langs de Thyrreense Zee loopt. Voeg hieraan de prachtige omgeving en racende Italianen aan toe, en dit wordt een road trip om nooit te vergeten.

amalfi kustweg
Amalfi kustweg

The Amalfi Coast: a road trip to remember

The Amalfi Coast, located along the southern flanks of the Sorrento Peninsula near Naples, is by far Italy's most scenic stretch of coastline. A landscape with cliffs rising out of the sea, medieval villages terraced into hillsides is what you can expect. No wonder that Unesco decided to add this unique Mediterranean landscape to the World Heritage list in 1996. The Amalfi Drive, which we follow, is a narrow road that threads along the high cliffs above the Tyrrhenian Sea. Add in drop-dead views and mad Italian drivers, and this will be a road trip to remember.

amalfi coast drive
Amalfi Drive