Ice ice baby: Alaskan road trip on Seward Highway

Starting in Anchorage, Alaska's Seward Highway meanders 127 miles (204 kilometers) across the Kenai Peninsula, before ending in the harbor town of Seward at Resurrection Bay. You could drive it in under three hours, but don't. Spend at least a couple of days to the round-trip to give yourself some time to explore wonderful nature of south-central Alaska.

You’ll see few towns and almost no sign of civilisation, except the road you’re driving on. But if you're looking for whales and waterfalls, blue glaciers and sharp-toothed mountains, calm ponds and mighty fjords, there's enough to see too keep you busy taking pictures all the trip long.

Seward Highway
Seward Highway

Road trip on the Iceland Ring Road

A small guy named Frodo once had a ring with the inscription: One Ring to rule them all. If the had a GPS in Middle-Earth, it would point him not the way to Mordor, but directly to Iceland. There they have a road unlike any others: the Ring Road, or Route 835 miles of adventure and surprises, majestic lava fields mingle with snow-capped mountains to create a world that would make our little Hobbit feel like he still is in Middle-Earth. This road trip is epic and unforgettable in many ways: relax in natural hot springs and see the erupting geysers, walk on the ancient ice of glaciers and explore volcanic craters.

Iceland Ring Road
Iceland Ring Road

Westeros in het echt: de Game of Thrones filmlocaties

Gebaseerd op de bestsellers “Een lied van ijs en vuur” van George R.R. Martin, is de HBO serie Game of Thrones eveneens een enorm succes. Fans die zich buiten de boeken en de TV-reeks verder willen verdiepen in de fictieve wereld van Westeros hebben nu nog een andere optie: het "Game of Thrones" toerisme. Van IJsland tot Malta en van Kroatië tot Marokko bezoeken we de verschillende filmlocaties van de serie.

Hint: Open een nieuwe tab met Google Maps naast deze pagina. Copy/paste de gegeven coördinaten in Google map's zoekfunctie om de locatie op een kaart te zien.

game of thrones opnames in IJsland
Opnames in IJsland

Westeros in real life: The Game of Thrones filming locations

Based on the best-selling book series A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin, the TV-series Game of Thrones is a huge success. Fans seeking a more immersive experience in the world of Westeros now have another option: "Game of Thrones" tourism. From Iceland to Malta and Croatia to Morocco, we check out the "Game of Thrones" filming locations.

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game of thrones filming in Iceland
The crew filming in Iceland


Lat/Long coordinates 55.167801, -6.815096

Road trip op de Pacific Coast Highway

De Pacific Coast Highway loopt langs de kusten van centraal Californië en brengt ons een onvergetelijke rijervaring. De 198km lange route weg slingert zich langsheen de kliffen van de westkust en doorkruist Big Sur, waar bergen verdwijnen in de Pacifische Oceaan. Op sommige stukken wordt er steil geklommen en zijn er scherpe bochten, het kan dan ook soms moeilijk worden als je deze tocht wil maken met een mobilhome of ander groot voertuig.

Pacific coast highway

Road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway runs along the central California coast and offers an exhilarating driving experience. The twisting, cliff-hugging, 123-mile (198-kilometer) road threads through Big Sur, where mountains plunge into the Pacific. In some places, the road has sharp drop-offs and narrow turns, so stay alert. This route can be difficult to drive with RVs or other oversize vehicles.

Pacific coast highway

De Duitse alpenroute of Alpenstrasse

De Duitse Alpenstrasse of alpenroute is een spannende trip vol onverwachte wendingen die loopt over een afstand van meer dan 450 km tussen Lindau en Berchtesgaden. De prachtige alpenlandschappen bieden een gevarieerd en prachtig panorama. De route voert ons langs vele bergmeren, alpenweiden, prachtige kastelen en dikke Duitsers in lederhosen (je zal er op z’n minst een paar tegenkomen onderweg). Dit is een Duitse weg, dus zijn de rijstroken breed en de snelheidsbeperkingen genereus. :)


Sicily by oldtimer

We are in Sicily, Italy, for a special kind of road trip. We land at the Catania airport where we rent an old Alfa Romeo Giulia to discover the eastern part of the island. At the coffee corner we meet Ben, the owner of the old timer road trip company Sicily by classic. He takes us to Linguaglossa, the start point of our trip. Like a real Italian he races trough the busy airport traffic while using the horn and hand gesticulations very often. We are in Italy, so much is clear.

oldtimers Sicily
The three old timers used for tour trips

The German Alpine road or Alpenstrasse

The German Alpenstrasse (Alpine road) is an exhilarating route full of twists and turns that runs over a distance of 450 km between Lindau and Berchtesgaden. The stunning Alpine landscapes offers the visitor a varied and magnificent panorama. The route takes you past numerous mountain lakes, Alpine meadows, magnificent castles and guys in lederhosen (we promise you’ll see one at least). This is a German road, not a French one, so the lanes are wide and the speed limits generous.


Blue Ridge Parkway road trip

Running for 469 miles (755 km) along the famous Blue Ridge mountain chain, Blue Ridge Parkway connects the Shenandoah National Park in the north to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the south. Starting at Rockfish Gap, this road trip picks us up where Skyline drive ends. The Parkway itself is not a National Park, but is a National Scenic Byway. Around every bend you’ll find another surprise for the eye, whether it’s a hawk’s-eye view of a river valley, a tree-covered peak or a peaceful pasture crowded with cows.

Blue Ridge Parkway
Blue Ridge Parkway